11 Common Eyeliner mistakes you are probably making

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Coming to the holy grail of the beauty products, the eyeliner is an aid to be the one. In order apply an eyeliner you don’t have to be an expert. Below are 10 tips on how to avoid mistakes which you usually do while applying an eyeliner.

  • You are looking straight into a mirror

While applying eyeliner, you are supposed to look down which will ensure that your liner is put as nearest as possible to the eyelashes. If you look straight you might end up putting an eyeliner which is not so smooth and gaps between the liner and the lashes is also being observed.

  • You are tugging on your skin while applying

Tugging your skin while applying an eyeliner will make your skin saggy in the future and will also lead to bumps in the skin which will further lead to abrupt line done by the liner. The correct way to do so is by lifting your head a bit higher and then go for it.

  • Your eye pencil is not sharp enough

Coming to the sharpness of your eye pencil, it has to be sharp enough to make a proper straight line without it being clumsy. A blunt eye pencil will not give you the much needed clean, perfect and the professional look. So always keep a sharpener in order to sharpen it at any such moment.

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